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Web Policies and Philosophy

Web Philosophy

The SMSU website helps achieve the University wide commitment to providing a high quality educational experience to all of its prospective and current students by acting as a platform for communication throughout the SMSU community. The website makes University resources and information widely available to all prospective and current students.

Web Office acts as stewards of web sites and applications. The staff researches and develops new ways to enhance the website and meet industry leading standards. Web Office also researches and implements tools which allow for easy maintenance.

Web Policies

  1. Separation of design and content
    1. The University supports a separation of design and content as it allows for easy maintenance.
  2. Standard web template
    1. All University webpages must conform to designated design guidelines unless given specific permission otherwise. Any pre-approved alternative design must meet Web Office guidelines.
    2. When an alternative design is used, it must be made clear that a user is leaving the main Southwest Minnesota State University template.
    3. Any alternative template created outside of the Web Office will not be included in redesigns.
  3. Request for a page
    1. The Web Office must approve all requests for new sites.
  4. Content
    1. Each section of pages of the SMSU Website is required to have a defined owner as well as a designated content editor. The owner of the website has ultimate responsibility for making sure their content is accurate, up to date and informative. The content editor will assist the owner in updating the section by using the SMSU Content Management System.
    2. Web Office will monitor all sections of the website for areas that have not been updated or whose content is not current.
      1. An initial e-mail reminder stating that content is out of date will be sent to the content editor.
      2. If information is still not updated, the Web Office will follow up with a phone call or email to the owner and content editor.
      3. The VP for Advancement will be notified of any sections that are still not updated.
    3. Web Office will check new pages for correct formatting, make any necessary adjustments and notify the content editor if any changes are made.
  5. Copyright information
    1. All content on the SMSU website is property of the University and may not be copied or used by other parties without permission of the University.
    2. Pages outside of the University Website must not use the University template or copy the University format.
  6. Folder structure
    1. All sections of the web should be placed in the appropriate place within the web root folder structure.
    2. This folder structure should be organized in accordance to the university physical structure or natural flow of the website (i.e. by Academics, Administration, etc.).
    3. When a switch is made in folder structure, server redirects should be put in place in order to give users the opportunity to update their bookmarks and adjust to the new URLs.
  7. Redesigns
    1. Each redesign will incorporate and improve the Web Office goals.
    2. Redesigns are created by the web team with input from the University marketing department. The VP for Advancement reserves the right of final approval regarding all redesigns.

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