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Video Component

What is the Video Component

The video component in the instance of Cascade CMS allows you to embed a video from Youtube or Kaltura Mediaspace into a webpage.

video component options

How to add a video to a webpage

In order to add a "Video" component to a page select the "Video" column type in the page builder of the Cascade CMS page edit modal.

select video component

For a Youtube video

You will only need to enter the video id. This can be found at the end of the share url from your video that is on youtube.

For example

For a Kaltura Mediaspace video

You will need to copy the embed code from the video and paste that into the Cascade textbox.

  1. Log into Mediaspace
  2. Navigate to the video you want to add
  3. Click on Share tab under the video
  4. Click on Embed tab
  5. Copy the embed code
  6. Paste it into Cascade

mediaspace share embed

Paste the embed code into this textbox in Cascade CMS.

paste mediaspace embed code

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