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Room, House, and Complex Questions

How do I determine which type of housing to choose?

Each student has unique preferences that will make a specific house more appealing. Most incoming students enjoy the house they live in not because of the type, but rather the friendships that are made.

Are all the Residence Halls the same?

Five of our  residence halls are very similar in basic design; the sixth, Sweetland Hall, has semi-private bathrooms, air conditioning and other amenities, the seventh is the Foundation Residence Apartments - suite style apartment living. All buildings have a common lounge, each of the houses have their own kitchenette located off a furnished main lounge (including a flat screen television), with resident mailboxes in each entry foyer.

There are living & learning communities (Culinology, Fine Arts, AOS, Mustang Traditions, Exercise Science and Agriculture) quiet/study communities, freshmen only communities, upper class only communities, and communities established by gender (coed by floor, or all men/women).

What does my room look like and what is included in them?

A floor plan example is available for your review under room types on our website.

Five of the seven residence halls consist of four connected, vertical units or houses, each accommodating approximately 30-55 students. Each house unit has its own lounge, flat screen television, individual mail boxes and student rooms. Each house has kitchen facilities each equipped with a built-in microwave, counter space, sink, table and chairs, and electric range. Accommodations include single, double, and double as a single rooms, each of which is carpeted and provided with individual thermostat control, cable outlet and digital signal. Each room also has High Speed Internet access for each student. The sixth residence hall, Sweetland Hall features semi-private bathrooms, air conditioning, individual mail boxes, common lounge space, in hall common laundry and kitchen facilities.  The seventh - the Foundation Residence Apartments feature suite style apartment living.  These apartments are furnished with individual bedrooms, air conditioning, common living room and kitchen area with laundry in the apartment.

What should I bring for my room?

You should bring all of those special things that will make your room feel like home. Personalizing your room is strongly encouraged and we suggest that you bring your favorite things. Pictures and posters may be hung on the walls of your room using poster putty or other adhesive material that will not damage your walls. Other things you can bring include:

  • Small or medium size refrigerator (full size refrigerators are not allowed)
  • Microwave
  • Alarm clock
  • Bathroom caddy
  • Personal Computer 
  • Jump Drive
  • Television*
  • Cable Cord
  • Ipod/Mp3 Player
  • Fan
  • Hair Dryer
  • Curling Irons

*Important note about TV's in our residence halls: SMSU's cable TV provider has upgraded the University to digital cable. You may bring a TV to your room, but it MUST have a QAM tuner in order to work with our cable system. Some inexpensive models of TV's do not have this tuner and will not work in our halls.

What size linens should I bring?

You will need to bring sheets, pillows, pillowcases, and blankets to accommodate an extra long twin mattress. All new students who have submitted a contract will receive a mailing during the summer on linen sales through the SMSU Residence Hall Association.

Are single rooms available?

A limited number of single rooms are available. These are usually assigned to returning upper-class students. If you decide you are interested in a single room during the academic year, you must fill out the Single Room Waiting List form in the Residence Life Office. Single rooms are available on a first-come first-serve basis.

What if I want to make a room change?

Prior to August 1st, a room change may be requested by emailing There is a $25 administrative fee for all room changes.  From August 1st to the end of the second week of classes, no room changes will be permitted. Room changes can be made 10 class days after the halls open. During the final two weeks of a semester, a student is also unable to make a room change. Visit your Area Coordinator to find out which rooms are available and explain the room change process.

Can I remove university furniture from my room if I do not need/want it?

No. Because the furniture is state property, it can not legally be removed from its designated room. We also do not provide storage space for furniture.

Is there a place for me to store items that do not fit in my room?

Yes. Each house has storage rooms designated for the residents to use only. These rooms are meant to provide long term storage for items you do not want to keep in your room and which you will not need during a semester. As noted above, furniture may not be stored within the storage rooms due to limited space. These rooms will not be regularly accessible during a semester. The RA of the house in which the storage room is located may open it and provide you access. Personal possessions packed in clearly marked boxes, luggage, or trunks are the only items eligible for storage.

What are the bathrooms like?

The bathrooms consist of several private toilet stalls, private shower stalls, and sinks that are shared by same gender residents per floor. Are there problems being able to shower when I need to? No, usually floor mates are able to determine when the best time to shower is according to their schedules.

The Sweetland Hall and the Foundation Residence Apartments have semi-private bathrooms with up to four roommates.

Can I loft my bed?

Lofting information

What size refrigerator should I bring?

Most students bring either a 1.7 or 4.3 cubic feet sized refrigerator. Full sized refrigerators are not allowed.

Are the Residence Halls air conditioned?

The majority are not.  The Foundation Residence Apartments and the Sweetland Hall are air conditioned.  You may want to bring a fan if you live in the other living communities.

Are there areas where I can study in my residence hall?

Yes, all of the residence halls have lounges and study areas. Ask your RA for location information.

Can I bring my dog, Fido, to live with me?

No, but you’re welcome to bring your fish, Fred, if he would like to join you. In fact, fresh water fish (excluding piranhas) are the only pets allowed on campus.

Is there someone in my house that I can go to if I have questions?

Yes, the Residence Life Staff is available for any questions you may have. Those people include RAs, CAs, Area Coordinators, and the staff in the Residence Life Office.

What do I do if I need a repair in my room?

You should report all room repair requests to the Residence Life Office by entering the repair in the maintenance log book. The log book is checked on a daily basis Monday-Friday. Maintenance Staff will enter your room and make repairs as soon as possible.

How many outlets are in each room?

A minimum of two sides of your room will offer 4 outlets.

Will I need to bring a power strip?

Yes. In fact, they are widely used and it is recommended that you bring one with a surge protector on it.

Can I live in the Halls over Break?

Yes, residents are asked to sign up with the Residence Life Office to stay over break as they will need to get a front door key.  All buildings are locked down 24/7 over holidays and breaks to bring added security when there are not as many residents on campus.

What am I not allowed to bring to furnish my room?

Residents may not have:

  • halogen lamps
  • hotplates
  • weapons of any kind (includes paintball markers, airsoft & BB guns and any item with a blade longer than 3 inches)
  • advertising/paraphernalia and alcohol, illegal drugs
  • Air Conditioners
  • Candles
  • Space heaters

If there is an appliance that is questionable, feel free to contact our Administrative Office.

Can I get insurance for the personal property in my room through SMSU?

No, but it is recommended that you check with your current insurance provider and ask about renters or homeowners insurance through them.

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