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Cowan Award: FAQ's and Tips for a Strong Nomination


  • What is considered as "service"?
    • For this award, service will be defined as going beyond the definition of your job, not just doing your job well. Service is not creative achievement; it is “doing good for others," rather than accomplishing things for yourself.
    How long should the narrative essay be?
    • There is no specific length required; however, be sure to detail the accomplishments and types of service the nominee has done or been involved in and the number of people impacted.
  • Does my nomination need to have more than one supportive letter?
    • It is not required, but the more supporting information provided about the nominee, the more helpful it is to the reviewers. Additional support letters can provide different information regarding the nominee.


  • Be specific when explaining the service(s) done by the nominee. Provide dates and numbers when/if you can.
  • Ask around - if you are not sure of specific services that your nominee has done, or what the nominee does within their position, ask around…ask fellow faculty/staff on campus. If you know where the nominee does service within the community, contact that place/person and ask.
  • The nomination process is not a secret. If you are interested in nominating someone but are unsure of what types of services they are involved in on/off campus…ask them!

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