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Instructions for Faculty

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Faculty Outreach  

Each fall and spring semester, you will receive an email from the Deeann Griebel Student Success Center during week 3 and week 7. This email will include detailed instructions on how to complete the early alert survey.

Survey Expiration The early alert survey is open for one week before it expires. Changes can be made to the survey up until the survey expires, but you must keep the survey link in order to do so.

Class Rosters

In the early alert email you receive, there will be a link to click on. This link will take you to a listing of courses you are teaching that semester. Click on each class to view your class roster. The roster will include the student’s first and last name, Mustang ID & SMSU email. 

Reporting Alerts Once you have opened your class roster, you will have the ability to identify alerts for applicable students using the alert criteria below:
  • Attendance - Poor attendance is affecting the success of the student.
  • Academic - Student has below a C grade in the course. 
  • Financial - Student has self-disclosed financial difficulties that may be affecting their education.
  • Personal - Student has self-disclosed personal problems or health related issues that may be affecting their education.

    A comment section is also available if you would like to provide additional comments or further explanation of the alert. Once you have identified who may or may not have an early alert, click the "finalize responses" button.
Important Note: If you do not have any alerts to report, we ask that you still review each class roster and click "finalize responses". This informs the Student Success Center that you have participated in the early alert survey and there are no alerts to report at this time.

Intervention Strategies Once the survey expires, students will be contacted by a member of the Early Alert Intervention Team so interventions can begin. Alert information is also shared with academic advisors to keep them informed of any advisees that have been reported.

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