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Last Date of Attendance (LDA) Grades

Federal financial aid mandates faculty to report a student who never attends a course that they have registered for, as well as a student who quits attending. Grades that document this process are NA (never attended) and FQ (failed quit). The use of these grades began in Spring 2010.

NA (never attended) – NA grades do affect a student's completion rate and credit amount, which ultimately could impact their financial aid funding (if applicable). The only time an NA grade can be removed, is if the student's professor agrees that an error was made when reporting the grade, removes it and/or allows the student back into the class.

FQ (failed quit) – FQ grades affect a student's completion rate and GPA as it acts as an F in GPA calculation. If the student feels the FQ grade is an error, it is encouraged that they contact their professor at their earliest convenience. If deemed not an error, students are encouraged to switch the FQ grade to a W before the last day to W date of the semester. By doing so, it will not impact their GPA and only affect their completion rate. To make this change, students need to follow the below instructions:

  • Log in to e-services using Star ID and password
  • Click on 'Courses & Registration' in the sidebar
  • Click on 'View/Modify Schedule'
  • Due to the LDA grade(s), there will be a section that lists 'Faculty Withdrawn Courses'
  • Click on the drop/withdraw icon (black circle with X) for each class that has an FQ grade listed
  • Click on 'Process'
  • Enter Start ID and password
  • Click on 'Process Request'


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