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Official SMSU Business Cards

To order official SMSU business cards, please complete the following form.

New orders and reorders of past orders are submitted using the online form. Business cards are printed in groups of six people or more. Requests are processed when there are enough to print a group of 6 or more. Electronic proofs will be sent prior to printing. If you have not received a proof please contact the office. Prices are based on the total in batch (6-12 people printing at the same time) but generally range between $16–$24 per order of 500 cards. Official SMSU business cards are printed on one side in official brown and metallic gold colors.

If your request is urgent or unique, please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing directly.

Please note that the online forms may not properly display certain symbols (such as &) and accent marks. Please mention if these are needed in the comments section. All orders must include a 6-digit account number and the email of the person submitting the order. (Note: Some departments prefer that orders go through the office administrative assistant for budgeting and consistency in departmental contact information, if needed. Please coordinate your order with your department.)

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