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Name Tags

Sample SMSU Name Tag Image

ONLINE FORM: Individual Name Tags

The NAME is in ALL CAPS. The title line, if you desire to include one below the name, is limited to 43 character units: letters, spaces, and punctuation marks are all included in the total. Please be sure your requested title line meets the space requirements. If the title line you submit is longer than 42 characters, you will be contacted about recommended abbreviations.

Note that the online forms may not properly display certain symbols such as the ampersand (&) and accent marks (é). Please mention these in the comments section and we'll work with you to correctly format your text.

Single Name Tag Order Form

ONLINE FORM: Large Group Orders (3 or MORE charged to the same account)

For group order submissions, please list names and titles using the following format (ALL CAPS/Title Line): JOHN SMITH/Director of Office = JANE SMITH/Assistant Director of Office = BOB SMITH/General Office Assistant.

Name tags ordered using this "Large Group" form will all have magnetic backs. Space requirements are the same as above.  We recommend using copy/paste to complete the form so you have a record of your submission.

Group Name Tag Order Form

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