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Office Door Plates


To order name plates for INDIVIDUALS please use the following form.

Your office account number (6-digit fund code) is required and the Business Services Office will transfer funds on approval. A purchase order number IS NOT needed. Please have the 6-digit account number before you fill out the form.

Offices and Departments

Email for assistance.

(This is the larger 3x10 size only available to departments and programs.)

Current costs: 

2"x8" Size: $8.00 for name plate only. $11.00 for name plate and metal door bracket.

3"x10" Size (For Office and Department Use Only): $10.00 for name plate only. $19.00 for name plate and metal door bracket.

Desk brackets are available by special request. 

Please note that the online forms may not properly display certain Symbols, Accents, Diacriticals and Special Language Characters. Please mention if these are needed in the comments section.

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