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Campus Digital Signage

Southwest Minnesota State University Digital Signage Management Procedures

SMSU buildings are now equipped with a digital signage system using large televisions installed in high-traffic locations. These screens are meant to provide news and reminders about events, activities and important dates on campus to pedestrian audiences in the buildings where they are installed. The system will also provide the ability to schedule emergency messaging across all signs simultaneously.

The SMSU Communications & Marketing Office has oversight and management of the Carousel system across campus.

Digital Signage at Southwest Minnesota State University is a system that replaces traditional signs with electronic signs such as LCD or plasma panels located on campus.

  • It allows for targeted programming in various locations to various audiences.
  • Content can range from campus related information, announcements, entertainment, to upcoming events.
  • Content can be scheduled and quickly updated.

Non‐university groups will not be allowed to post except in relation to an event sponsored on campus that is open to the public and at the discretion of the Communications and Marketing office. Campus sponsored events will have priority.

Locations of screens (Building Code / Location / Level)

  • FH Lobby 1

  • FA Hallway 1

  • FA Theatre Lobby 2

  • SC Entrance 1

  • SC Admission Office 1

  • SC Food Court 1

  • CC North 1

  • CC Entrance 1

  • CC South 1

  • CC/SC/Res Hall Cable Network

  • SC Atrium 1

  • SC Spine 1

  • RA Weight Room 1

  • RA Facility 1

  • BA Library 2

  • BA Career Services 1

  • BA Deans office 2

  • BA Training Room 1

  • ST Hallway 1

  • CH West 1

  • CH East 1

  • CH 201 Entrance 2

  • IL Education 2

  • IL Registration 1

  • IL Success Center 2

  • SM Hallway 2

  • SM Planetarium 1

  • SS Hall East 1

  • SS Vet Center 1

Guidelines and best practices on content

  • Content should be displayed following University Brand Standards. Content in violation of brand standards may be removed.
  • Advertised events must be open to all of the SMSU community.
  • Content must be directed to the SMSU community and have a named campus sponsor.
  • Due to space/time limitations, messages promoting weekly or monthly meetings are not permitted.
  • One slide per event or notification displayed at a time.
  • Events should not be promoted more than one week in advance without prior approval from Communications & Marketing.
  • The system is not a storage area; please remove all files and links after the end date.


  • Use a minimum of text/information as the slide is displayed for only 10 seconds.
  • Visual Bulletin design must be:
    • Landscape orientation 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 2560 x 1440 pixels (or PPT export to JPEG at default 1600 x 900/120 ppi)
    • JPG file type
    • Properly named file: Name the file to be uploaded to the system with reference to the category folder and the end date for when the slide is no longer to be displayed. Example: “event-promotion-10may2021.jpg”. Slides displayed without an ending date, may be removed.


Communications & Marketing may grant access for specific signage channels to University personnel provided that those authorized have received training and agree to abide by University procedures and best practices. Content will be monitored and removed if it violates the procedures or the University brand standards.


Requests for posts may be sent to Requests with less than 48 hours lead time may not be accepted.

Note: These procedures are subject to review and update as deemed necessary by the Communications & Marketing Office.

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