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Faculty and Staff Bios


Dr. John Ginocchio  --  Professor of Music/Director of Bands


Dr. John Ginocchio  --  Director of Bands, Music Education, Low Brass, Music Theory, Music Program Coordinator
Dr. Daniel Rieppel  --   Director of Keyboard Studies, Artistic Director of the SW MN Orchestra, Liberal Education Courses Music
Dr. Stephen Kingsbury  --   Director of Choral Activities, Music Education, Music Theory


Ross Anderson - improvisation
Carolyn Bayerkohler - music education
Jia Cao - cello
Riley Cardona - voice
Scott Horey - percussion
Dr. Peter Lothringer - guitar, composition, Music Theory
R. Wes Myers - bass
Danae Nelson - piano, class piano
Holly Nester - flute
Beth Steuck - french horn, piano
Jim Tabaka - guitar, Liberal Education Courses (Intro to Music, World Music)
Tom Vondracek - trumpet
Diane Wright - violin, viola
Lon Wright - clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe


Charles Kauffman  --  organ, Music History, Music Theory, World Music
Dr. M. Michael Suzuki  --  Former Professor of Vocal and Choral Music and Department Chair
Dr. Robert Whitcomb  --  Professor of Piano, Theory and Composition

Additional Staff

Diana Holmes  --  Administrative Assistant for Fine Arts & Communication

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