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Music Student & Faculty Health

SMSU and the Music Program endeavor to maintain a musical and learning environment that is efficient, comfortable, and safe for its students and faculty.  To this end, the following steps are taken to protect the health of individuals in the music program as well as to educate students and faculty in how to best protect their health. 

  1. The university and music program monitors sound pressure levels in teaching and rehearsal spaces. When deficiencies are noted, every effort is made to notify students and faculty of potential hazards. Additionally, steps are taken to address such deficiencies whenever possible.  
  2. As possible, the university and program endeavors to purchase equipment designed to maintain the health of students and faculty and to replace equipment that may be detrimental to the health of participants.
  1. Students are regularly instructed in matters of musicians health including topics such as hearing health, vocal health, physical health, and performance anxiety. At least one of these topics is discussed each semester during MUS 110, Public Performance Studies, thereby assuring that all music majors are exposed to this instruction at least once in the course of their time at SMSU. Additionally, relevant issues related to musician's health are included in Applied Instruction for music majors and minors, and student understanding of these concepts is assessed during the Junior Proficiency Exam. 
  1. Each year, the music program sends written information to each of the music faculty regarding steps being taken to improve student and faculty health as well as any concerns that have been raised regarding health issues related to the program. Faculty are invited to contact the Music Program Coordinator with questions or concerns. 
  1. A page with relevant information is included in the Music Program Policy Handbook.

While monitoring has shown the rehearsal rooms to be adequate in terms of sound pressure levels, students are encouraged to use hearing protection whenever they believe they may be exposed to sound pressure levels exceeding healthy dosages.  The music faculty will notify students of situations where this may happen, particularly in large ensemble settings.  A supply of foam ear plugs will be maintained in the office of the Music Program Coordinator and in the Band/Orchestra Room (FA 135).  All students and faculty are invited to pick up ear plugs as needed.

Equipment owned by the music program is regularly maintained and repaired in order to keep it in the best condition possible, thereby reducing the likelihood that performance related injuries may result from their use.  When equipment is found to be compromised, every effort is made to correct the issue or, at least, to notify students and faculty of said deficiencies.

In the event that a student or faculty member finds an issue with equipment or facilities, they are encouraged to contact the Music Program Coordinator.  In extreme situations, they are invited to consult with the Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Mr. Dave Hemp, in Founders Hall, Room B-20, (507)537-6470.

Students are encouraged to develop their performance skills and their coping mechanisms for dealing with performance anxiety through semesterly performances for Student Recitals, masterclasses, and juries.  However, in recognition that some students may struggle with these to a greater degree or with emotional/psychological problems beyond the scope of music instruction, SMSU maintains an office for Mental Health Counseling Center that provides services free of charge to students.  Students are encouraged to visit this office when additional help is needed.  Furthermore, when faculty recognize that a student may be struggling with issues, they will help the student seek this assistance.

The University Public Safety Office has many tools available for students and faculty including crime statistics, emergency information, training videos, as well as online reporting options for those who wish to report incidents of crime or concerns regarding students who may be dealing with emotional issues.  Such reporting can be done anonymously.  Please refer to the University Public Safety website for more information. 

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