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Minnesota Area Conducting Workshop

Choral & Instrumental Sessions

Southwest Minnesota State University
June 26 - 28, 2023

Updated documents will be added in the spring, but please refer to the following for more information about the event.

**Offered Free of Charge to all Music Educators**

Application Deadline - May 30, 2023 

Graduate Seminar Credit now available.  

Contact Dr. John Ginocchio for more information


All musicians know that learning to sing or play an instrument at an advanced level takes years of practice, assessment, and feedback.  This is no less true for conducting, but most university programs cannot offer more than two conducting classes for undergraduates. 

The purpose of the Minnesota Area Conducting Workshop is to provide Minnesota music educators with a forum in which they can practice their conducting skills, receive feedback from trained conductors, practice self-evaluation skills, discuss issues in music education, and network with other Minnesota music educators in a musical and supportive environment.

Choral Workshop Repertoire

To be announced in April

Instrumental Workshop Repertoire (2022)

Grade 1

  1. Danza de Espana by Carol Brittin Chambers
  2. African Festival by Quincy Hilliard
  3. Imperium by Michael Sweeney

Grade 2

  1. The Devil's Workshop (flexband version) by Kimberly Archer
  2. Storm by Soon Hee Newbold
  3. Australian Up-Country Tune by Percy Grainger

Grade 3

  1. Where the Wild Things Dance (flexband version) by Joseph Earp
  2. Three Songs of Bengal by Aakash Mittal
  3. Encanto by Robert W. Smith

Grade 4

  1. Volver a la Montana by Shelley Hanson
  2. Chorale and Shaker Dance by John Zdechlick


picture of John Ginocchio
Dr. John Ginocchio

Professor of Music/Director of Bands
Southwest Minnesota State University

kingsbury picture

Dr .Stephen Kingsbury
Director of Choral Activities
Southwest Minnesota State University

Instrumental Co-clinician 


Dr. Janet Heukeshoven
Professor of Music/Band Director
St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Choral Co-clinician TBA


Dr. Aaron Humble
Director of Choirs
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Contact Information

For more information on the Minnesota Area Conducting Workshop, contact:

Dr. John Ginocchio
(507) 537-7209
Dr. Stephen Kingsbury
(507) 537-7247

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