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Music Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Goals and Learning Outcomes

Goal #1: Performance Skills

Students will demonstrate competency on a major performing instrument/voice and/or piano and will display habits that support good aural, vocal, physical, and psychological health as musicians.

Student Outcomes:
1A. Students will exhibit advanced performance skills on their primary instrument or
voice and will demonstrate knowledge of significant literature, composers, and
proper and healthy technique.

1B. Students will demonstrate the piano skills necessary to becoming successful
musicians in their emphasis of study (performers, educators, composers, and

Goal #2: Theoretical and Aural Skills

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the elements of music, the theory of music, and competency in aural skills by sight and sound through formal analysis and creative skills such as composition, arranging, orchestration, and improvisation.

Student Outcomes:
2A. Students will recognize common melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, and formal structures
in western music and the role of notation and terminology in reproducing these

2B. Students will apply their knowledge of theory and structure to composing, arranging,
orchestration, and improvisation.

2C. Students will recognize and reproduce common melodic and rhythmic structures by
sight and sound.

Goal #3: Historical and Cultural Contexts of Music

Students will demonstrate knowledge of music history and music’s role in western and world cultures.

Student Outcomes:
3A. Students will identify significant composers, stylistic movements, and representative
works from the history of western music.

3B. Students will recognize relationships between music and the historical period and/or
culture from which it was derived and hypothesize on current and future

Goal #4: Pedagogical Skills

Students will apply appropriate pedagogical skills related to their degree programs and emphases.

Student Outcome:
4A. Students will apply appropriate pedagogical skills related to their degree programs
and emphases.

Goal #5: Conducting Skills

Students will demonstrate skills in score reading and the integration of analysis, style, performance practice, instrumentation, and conducting techniques in both rehearsal and performance settings with various ensemble types.

Student Outcomes:
5A. Students will apply common conducting patterns, cueing gestures, dynamic indications, and expressive movements to fit music of a variety of styles.

5B. Students will translate conducting skills to rehearsal and performance settings with different types of genres and ensembles.

5C. Students will demonstrate the score analysis and score preparation skills needed to lead an affective rehearsal.

Goal #6: Technology

Students will demonstrate knowledge of available technologies designed to facilitate and enhance musical tasks and educational growth.

Student Outcome:
6A. Students will utilize software appropriate to word processing, data management, and music notation.

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