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Registration Appeal

If you have not met the minimum payment criteria by the 5th business (class) day of the term, your courses will be canceled for non-payment.  See the Important Dates on the Business Services Homepage for the appropriate term for the exact dates of the registration cancellation for non-payment.

The Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment process will take place the 6th business day of the term.

If your courses have been canceled because our records indicated you did not meet the minimum payment criteria as defined by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities policy, you will be sent instructions on the 6th business day of the term for re-enrolling in courses at SMSU. This information will be sent to your official SMSU email address as well as by mail to your local address.

We want to assist you in your re-enrollment process. Please follow the instructions on the memo and complete the appeal form for late registrations. If you have any questions please contact the following offices:

  • Registration Office for re-enrollment questions, IL 148, phone 507-537-6206
  • Business Services for payment questions, IL139, phone 507-537-7117
  • Center for International Education for International Student questions, SC 238, phone 507-537-6216

Appeal for Late Registration Form

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