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Holds, IDs, and Other Fees


A student's first identification card is free. Replacement ids can be obtained at the Mustang Card Center located in the Student Center. Mustang Card Center

NSF FEE (Returned Check)

A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for each check returned as NSF, non-sufficient funds or if returned for other reasons such as closed account.


A hold will be placed on all current students' accounts who have a balance greater than $500.00 per semester. The University is authorized to withhold the issuance of diplomas and official transcripts and to deny students further registration until all moneys due the University have been paid.


Students are expected to pay the amount owed to the University by the payment due date as published each semester. All students who have not paid their accounts in full or who do not have an approved deferment without late fees will be assessed up to $50.00 in late fees per semester. The maximum amount of the late fee is subject to change. Per Minnesota State Board Policy, a late fee of up to $50 per semester may be charged.

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