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SMSU discourages the frequent use of personal credit cards for University purchases. Individuals who routinely make credit card purchases for the University are encouraged to apply for a University purchasing card. In situations where a personal credit card is used, the original itemized invoice or original itemized receipt must be attached to a completed Expense Report in order to receive reimbursement. Itemized receipts are required except for meals, parking meters, taxi services, and baggage handling. Reimbursement cannot be made from canceled checks, copies of receipts, or credit card statements. 

Additional Information:


Questions regarding all group student travels, student motor vehicle record checks, and student vehicle/bus rental can be directed to George Bass, Business Services, IL 139 at extension 7470 or email

Questions regarding employee expenses and reimbursements can be directed to Melisa Nubile, Business Services, IL 139 at extension 6658 or email

Questions regarding student expenses and reimbursement can be directed to Holly Lichtsinn, Business Services, IL 139 at extension 6905 or email

If you are unable to reach the two above employees regarding your questions you may contact George Bass, Director of Business Services, IL 139, at extension 7470 or email

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