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Payment Policy / Registration Cancellation for Non-Payment


Minimum payment criteria must be met by August 30, 2024 for 2024 Fall semester courses; and January 17, 2025 for 2025 Spring semester courses to avoid cancellation of your course registrations. Minimum payment criteria include any combination of the following, click on each criteria for more information: 

If you do not meet one of these criteria your course registrations will be canceled after the 5th business day of the semester.   Further information on each of these criteria can be found by clicking on the links above.   Please help us avoid canceling your courses by reading how to meet the minimum payment criteria.  If your courses are canceled you may appeal to re-register.  Please click here for more info. 

If you have met the minimum payment criteria, are not on a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan, and are not at a zero balance (after financial aid has been applied) by the payment due date as listed above, it will be assumed you intend to make installment payments and you will be charged a $30 payment plan fee.

International Students must also pay their international health insurance in full by the 5th class day along with meeting one of the criteria above.  New International Students must make a minimum payment of $3,000.00 which includes their insurance payment.

Billings Statements are NOT Mailed: Monitor your student account online through the student e-services online web registration system.  Within the "Courses & Registration" section and within the "Bills and Payments" section of  Student e-Services a green "GO" sign will appear if you have met the minimum payment criteria.  If you have not met the minimum payment criteria a red "STOP" sign will appear directing you to our website.  If any known payment or financial aid information is not appearing on your Student e-Services Account or on your financial aid award letter, please contact the financial aid office at 507-537-6281 for financial aid questions or the cashier’s at 507-537-7117 regarding payments or charges. Financial aid will not appear as payments until after the 5th class day of the semester but you are able to access your award letter through the "Financial Aid" section of the Student e-Services. 

Students who register and later change their plans for attendance should not rely on the Registration Cancellation for Nonpayment process to complete administrative drops for them. Those who no longer wish to be enrolled must drop their courses via the Student E-Services process and officially withdraw for accurate determination of their financial obligation to the university, if any.  For more information on withdrawals, please click here.

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