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Payment Plan


  1. You may pay 15% of your tuition and fees or $300, whichever is less by the 5th class day to hold your course registrations.  See the Business Services Homepage for the appropriate term for the payment due dates.
  2. This does not include on campus housing. The $100 housing deposit, which was due at time of housing sign up, is not included in calculating this minimum payment. Therefore, if $300 is your minimum down payment amount and you are in on campus housing you will have paid $400 by the 5th class day of the semester.
  3. If you choose to pay this minimum amount, it is assumed you choose to make installment payments.
  4. You will be charged a payment plan charge of $30 if your balance is not zero by the end of 5th class day of the semester (Fall and Spring).
  5. You will be required to make two more payments of equal amounts.  See the Business Services Homepage for the appropriate term for payment plan due dates.
  6. If you prefer to extend your payments past these dates, you may choose a four payment plan through Nelnet/FACTS.
  7. If payments are late, you will be charged up to $50 in late fees per semester.
  8. The final payment on the SMSU payment plan is prior to pre-registration for the next semester. If you choose this option and do not complete your payments by the final due date, a hold will be placed on your registration and you will not be allowed to register until your account is paid in full.  
  9. If you choose the payment plan through Nelnet/FACTS, you will be allowed to pre-register if your Nelnet/FACTS payment plan is in good standing.
  10. You do not have to wait to make payment until these dates; you may pay in full at any time.

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