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Purchasing Cards


A Purchasing Card allows a cardholder the authority and capability to purchase low dollar value items directly, enabling the cardholder to purchase faster and easier. The program can be used to purchase most low dollar value items. The card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. The cardholder can order in person, over the phone and on the web.

The cardholder is responsible for obtaining the original itemized receipts at the point of sale, indicating each item purchased. Receipts should be matched to each transaction on the Cardholder Activity Report from US Bank. The statement cutoff is the 8th of each month. Individuals should use this Registering with US Bank guide to sign up to access their account online. The Cardholder Activity Report (available from the US Bank website) and receipts are to be submitted to Accounts Payable in Business Services by the 15th of each month. 

All purchases on the card are required to follow SMSU purchasing policies & procedures. Minnstate policies & procedures are specifically mandated but not limited to Minnesota Statutes 471.345, 16A and 43A. Established procedures for using the purchasing card must be followed. Failure to do so will result in card suspension or other disciplinary actions.

A cardholder may file an affidavit in lieu of a receipt if the receipt is lost or not obtained employee purchasing card affidavit.

How to Obtain a Purchasing Card:

  1. Read the SMSU Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures & Minnesota State Procedure 7.3.3 Purchasing Cards & Cardholder On-line Guide
  2. Complete the Purchasing Card Application Form, the Purchasing Cardholder Agreement and the Delegation of Authority to obtain the necessary approval. The completed forms should be submitted to Christy Johnson, Purchasing Clerk, in Business Services. The forms will be reviewed and employee status will be verified. Department chair and cost center approval is required. The set up information will be submitted to the card company for approval. The card will be sent to the Purchasing Department for distribution.
  3. For all coaches, faculty, or advisors traveling with students or teams, this form must be completed and turned in to Christy Johnson in Business Services SMSU Student-Team Travel form. This form is ONLY for student/team meals when in travel status with students.

Failure to Comply with Policies & Procedures:

Violations of purchasing Card policies and procedures will result in suspension of the card. To reinstate your card after suspension, the cardholder of the suspended card must contact the Purchasing Clerk, Christy Johnson, at extension 6215 or email to complete the Suspension/Reinstatement Form.

Purchasing Card Security

The Purchasing Card should be treated with the same level of care as personal credit cards. The card must not be loaned to another person. The only person authorized to use the purchasing card is the person whose name appears on the front of the card. The purchasing card account number should be guarded carefully. Do not post it or write it in any location that is accessible to others.

If the Cardholder Leaves the University

When cardholders leave (sabbatical, medical leave, resignation, or termination) the University they must return the Purchasing Card to the Purchasing Department. If the cardholder will be returning, arrangements should be discussed prior to the leave with the Purchasing Clerk, Christy Johnson, at extension 6215 or email If the cardholder is not returning, the card should be cut in half and sent to the Purchasing Department located in Business Services, IL 139. Returned purchasing cards are not reissued to other employees for use. Do not allow anyone else to use the card.

Who to Contact

The following resources are available to provide assistance with questions or problems that arise with your purchasing card.

US Bank Customer Service, Ph: 1-800-393-3526 (24 hour service)

  • To report your card as lost or stolen
  • To dispute charges

Purchasing Clerk, Christy Johnson, Ph: (507) 537-6215 or email

  • To apply for a Purchasing Card
  • To report your card as lost or stolen, immediately after contacting US Bank
  • To replace damaged purchasing card
  • To change information on the Purchasing Card Application
  • Malfunctioning card
  • Questions regarding card declines
  • Statements/receipts - Auditing and compliance issues
  • Questions about purchasing policies and procedures

Account Clerk, Leslie Bellig, Ph: (507) 537-6263 or email

  • Statement/receipts - Auditing and compliance issues
  • Submit Cardholder Activity Report

Director of Business Services, Jackie Tauer, Ph: (507) 537-7157 or email

  • To report your card as lost or stolen, immediately after contacting US Bank, if the Purchasing Supervisor is not available
  • Questions about policies and procedures

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