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Undergraduate On Campus Tuition for Summer

Undergraduate On Campus Tuition Summer 2023
Credits Tuition Fees Total
1 305.00 44.85 349.85
2 610.00 89.70 699.70
3 915.00 134.55 1,049.55
4 1,220.00 179.40 1,399.40
5 1,525.00 224.25 1,749.25
6 1,830.00 269.10 2,099.10
7 2,135.00 313.95 2,448.95
8 2,440.00 358.80 2,798.80
9 2,745.00 403.65 3,148.65
10 3,050.00 448.51 3,498.51
11 3,355.00 493.35 3,848.35
12 3,660.00 538.20 4,198.20

Notes: All fees capped at 12 credits except the Maintenance, Tech, and Student United fees.

Programmatic tuition rates are charged to courses in Studio Art, Introduction to Art, Art Education, Science Labs, and Culinology and Hospitality Labs. These rates may be between $3.30 and $30.82 more per credit. Some courses, such as music lessons, golf and bowling, include personal property or service charges which vary from course to course. These rates are listed in the notes section for each applicable course on the searchable course schedule in student E-Services.

Residents of Wisconsin may wish to apply for reciprocity here. This includes both new incoming freshman and transfer students. You may apply online or print out a form and mail it to the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board address as given on the form. Summer 2023 on-campus undergraduate tuition rates for Wisconsin residents that receive reciprocity are $305.00 per credit.

Please see the Registration web site to determine if reciprocity paperwork must be completed for South Dakota and North Dakota residents. South Dakota and North Dakota residents will pay the agreed reciprocity tuition rate.

South Dakota:  Summer 2023 Undergraduate on-campus reciprocity tuition rate $321.40/credit.

North Dakota:   Summer 2023 Undergraduate on-campus reciprocity tuition rate $309.10/credit.

Residents of Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan or Kansas can participate in the Midwest Student Exchange Program which grants Minnesota resident tuition rates to students from these states. To receive these rates, indicate the state of legal residence on the application and the student will automatically receive the Minnesota resident tuition rate.

Off-campus tuition rates (for classes taken at a location other than SMSU) may vary depending on the program, mode of delivery, or location. For accurate tuition rates, contact the program department or call the Office of Business Services at 507-537-7117. Most off-campus course are charged reduced fees, a schedule of which is available here.

* Rates are subject to change.

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