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Student Academic Planner/DARs

The DARs report is designed to help you identify and understand your current academic requirements for degree completion. The DARs system was implemented at SMSU starting with the 1998-2000 undergraduate catalog.

Included in your DARs report is information on your declared program, the catalog your program will follow, your advisor’s name, and the date your report was prepared. Based on this information, your SMSU coursework will filter into the requirements for your degree, liberal arts, major and minor. Transfer coursework for students who transferred to SMSU the Fall of 2002 or later will be included in the DARs report.

How do I get to my SMSU Student Academic Planner/DARs?

Watch this video to find your DARs, or follow the steps below!

How to find your DARs

You can find your DARs report online. Once you have been admitted you will be assigned a Mustang ID number. This number will allow you to register, see an unofficial transcript, as well as locate your DARs report. Upon admission you will be sent an Official DARs report stating which classes transferred. If you have any updates they will be sent to you via email. The email will tell you how to view your DARs online as follows:

  1. Log in to SMSU E-Services
    1. Use your Mustang ID and Pin
    2. If you have not been onto our E-Services your pin is year, month, day (yymmdd) of your birthday
  2. Once in click on the Student Tab
  3. On the left you will find a tab that says Academic Record
  4. The DARs is listed as Degree Audit Portal

Now that I am there, what does it mean?

We have a video for that as well! 

How to read your DARs

What if my DARs doesn't show my other college or university credit?

If you are a current SMSU student and have recently taken a transfer course from a Minnesota State College or University please fill out the eTranscript evaluation form. This form will notify SMSU that you have taken credits not currently listed on your DARs. If SMSU is not able to pull your free eTranscript we will contact you via email.

If you have taken credits from the University of Minnesota or any other college or university please send an official transcript to the SMSU Admissions office:

SMSU Office of Admission
1501 State Street
Marshall MN 56258

What-If Reports

If you are curious to see what a different major would look like with your completed credit, you can run a what-if report to check it out!  After logging in to your Student Academic Record/DARs, you will be able to run a DARs report for any major that SMSU offers.  NOTE: this does NOT change your major.  If you would like to officially change your major, please contact the Registration and Records office.

How to Create and Access Grad Plans

Log into Student Academic Planner/DARs and follow this Quick Reference Guide to Creating a Grad Plan

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