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Student Activity Purchase Orders

Student Activity Purchase Orders are required before purchases of good or services.

  • You may obtain the Purchase Order from the Office of Business Services, IL 139.
  • Questions regarding this process should be directed to Holly Lichtsinn, Office of Business Services, IL 139, extension 6905 or by email at

 Please follow the below process for obtaining, completing and submitting the Purchase Order:

A paper PO must be completed prior to any purchase of goods or services.

  1. Complete the Purchase Order form.
  2. Have the faculty advisor (or authorized approver) sign on the bottom left side above Advisor Signature.
  3. Have an approved club officer sign the bottom left side above Treasurer Signature.
  4. Have Holly (or someone in Business Services) sign the bottom right side.  She will keep the pink copy.
  5. You will bring the white copy to the vendor.

The vendor will give you an invoice or a receipt after the goods or services are received.  If the invoice/receipt isn't a full sheet of paper, please tape it on a 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper.

  1. Write the PO number on it and write "okay to pay".
  2. Have an approved faculty advisor or club officer sign and date it.
  3. Drop it off in the Business Services in-basket.

Policy and Procedure

SMSU, Minnesota State, and State of Minnesota purchasing and contracting procedures must be followed for purchases from local accounts. Please click the links below to review these policies and procedures.


Questions regarding the purchasing of goods, bidding or contracting should be referred to Brian Gelster at extension 7510 or by email or George Bass, at extension 7470 or by email at

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